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Colonial Barn

General Contracting

While a lot of the work that we do is done "in house", after being in business for over ten years, CBR has shopped and continues to shop for good subcontractors. We have developed relationships with all kinds of subs for portions of projects that we are not qualified to do. We can oversee any sort of project that may need to be done to a barn.

Not only have our subs worked for us enough to understand our expectations but we provide them with so much work that they get our projects done in a timely manner at a competitive price. We are happy to coordinate any sort of project; even if there is no carpentry involved.

Some of the trades that we work with include:
•Land surveying.
•Architectural design.
•Structural engineering.
•Stone masonry and landscaping.
•Garage/carriage house doors.
•Custom millwork and historic window replication and restoration.
   •Structural Insulation panels (SIP's).
   •Icynene and polyurethane sprayed or poured expanding foam insulation systems.
   •Cellulose and fiberglass insulation.
•Concrete flat and foundation work.
•Well drilling.
•Weathervanes and ornamental copper work.
•Crane operators.
•Building movers.
•Drainage and hydrant design and installation.
•Asphalt pavement contractors.
•Septic design/installation.
•Steel fabrication and welding.
•Site planning and development.
•Horse stall bars and stall components.
•Indoor and outdoor riding arenas.
•Lightening protection.
•Bird/animal control.
•Fire protection equipment.

For clients new to the area that own horses or livestock we can also refer clients to:
• Farriers.
• Large animal veterinarians.
• Hay/grain suppliers.
• Farm supplies.

When we work on a large project, such as a barn/home conversion we prefer to use our own subcontractors because it leads to a fast moving efficient project.

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