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Colonial Barn

Exterior Restoration

We did the exterior restoration for the barn that is used in filming the home base for the TV show "Ask This Old House".

We take great care to match original architectural details.

We have repaired failures in exterior waterproofing that has taken a century or more to cause damage. This gives us a unique knowledge of how to make repairs that will stand the test of time.

A lot of our customers want to restore the exterior of their barn exactly as it was originally. They keep the same style and size of windows and doors in their original locations. We give our customers different options on how make repairs based on what is practical and historically correct. They end up making well informed decisions of their architectural details.

We often build custom transom lights for our barn doors.

We can custom bend flashing details to not only add subtle elegance but ensure longevity.

We typically hide modern door hardware behind little door roofs with fascia boards.

We can also supply and install antique style door hardware.