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Colonial Barn

Old Barn Wood For Sale, Barn Board, Siding, Reclaimed Lumber

CBR has harvested unwanted barns and inventories antique lumber and timbers for re-sale. We can also provide complete barn and church frames as well as custom trusses and frames cut from recycled timber. We have a network of suppliers in the northeastern US and eastern Canada that enables us to fulfill virtually any size order or supply any style barn. We can deliver a variety of reclaimed lumber products in a timely manner anywhere in the country.*

Structural Timbers
CBR can provide antique timbers in a variety of species, in sizes from 4x4 to 12x12, and up to 30 ft. in length. Species include Ash, Elm, Beech, Oak (Hardwoods), Pine, Hemlock, and Spruce. (Softwoods.)

Recovered timbers are appropriate for building entire frames for homes or institutional buildings, repairing existing antique frames, and home additions. Our customers have also used them for unique projects such as mantel pieces, decorative landscaping, general remodeling, and as faux rafters in vaulted ceilings.

Barn Board
Recovered barn board is often used for interior and exterior siding, and has countless other applications. CBR can fulfill any size order for all varieties.

Grey Board - grey board is +/- 1" plank that has been directly exposed to weather and sun, which has the effect of bleaching the board to various shades of grey.

Red Board - red board is +/- 1" exterior siding plank that had been painted the traditional barn red color in the past, usually several times, and has aged and faded to it's present condition.

Brown Board - brown board is +/- 1" plank that has been recovered from barn interiors, and has never had direct exposure to the weather.

Milled Flooring
CBR can source tongue and groove flooring milled from several species of reclaimed lumber, such as ash, pine, poplar, and Elm.

*(Please note that shipping costs for small quantities can often be greater than the cost of the lumber itself. We are happy to provide any amount to local customers and to those that wish to arrange their own shipping, however we have to require a $1000 minimum order qfuantity for orders that require 3rd party shipping arranged by CBR.)