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Colonial Barn


The roof is the most important part of an antique building. If you only put money into one area of your building, it should be the roof. Sometimes just replacing the roof can add thirty years to the life of a structure.

A small leak can do tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Unfortunately, roof leaks do not go away or fix themselves when they are ignored; they get worse.

We have experience with all different roofing styles. We also do roof restoration work. On slate roofs, the copper flashing wears out before the slates. We can remove all the slates in the area, replace the copper, and then reinstall the slates in their original locations.

When we replace a roof, we typically have the roofing materials delivered to the rooftop by a crane to make the job more efficient. We often have the crane operator fly up a new cupola at the same time to save money.