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Colonial Barn

About CBR

Colonial Barn Restoration is owned and operated by Tim Murphy. Tim gained his appreciation for antiques while working for Skinner Inc. antique auction gallery to help fund his college expenses at St. Lawrence University.

After graduating from college, Tim worked for Yankee Steeplejack Company (YSC). While at YSC, Tim restored and rebuilt steeples, cupola's, domes and turrets. This included many famous buildings in Boston and New York including the Old North Church, Harvard University's Lampoon Building, One Financial Center and Brooklyn College.

Tim also gained rigging and steeple jack skills, which he still employs as a subcontractor for YSC. Tim eventually started restoring barns on weekends, and shortly thereafter realized his future was working on antique structures. He formed Colonial Barn Restoration, and the rest is history. These days, CBR works on dozens of old barns every year, restoring craftsmanship that has lasted hundreds of years and is in desperate need of repair.

Tim has assembled a crew of experienced workers with the growth of the business. It's an rewarding profession, and one that makes anyone involved appreciate the legacy of traditional craftsmanship.