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Colonial Barn

Antique Home Remodeling

Remodeling an antique home presents many unique challenges. Floors are typically not level and the walls are not plumb. We seldom work on buildings that are level or plumb so we know how to correct these problems quickly and efficiently.

In the process of remodeling an antique home it is common to find water damage. A small amount of water coming into a building over many years can cause a great deal of damage. We have the equipment needed to replace structural elements quickly and efficiently.

When we look back upon some of the first antique homes that we worked on, we see things that we would do differently today. We have developed standards and a unique understanding of the best way to solve problems that are unique to antique homes.

There are no shortage of McMansions going up in this area of the country. Many of them have expensive details and high end features. They may be nice to some homeowners but to us they are 'cookie cutter'. They fall short of replicating the antique charm and cozy feel of an antique home. Whether we are remodeling one room or a whole house, we try to maintain the unique antique charm of the house.